Premier League analysis after quarter past season 2016/17

Premier League 2016/17,Liverpool,Manchester City,Arsenal,Chelsea

Premier League season 2016/17 made a promising start, and after 10 match weeks it’s difficult to predict the winner. The top four look quite different than last season after quarter past season of 2016/17. Although, Manchester City and Arsenal still sits on top, just like 2015/16 season after 10 matchday, but this season there are other promising teams who have an edge due to lack of European competition involvement in their fixtures. Last season champions Leicester City seems not to be the team who will even finish in top four, watching their current form in Premier League, no disrespect to their European success.  Liverpool looks more than convincing to win the title despite their weak defense, because of their only focus to the Premier League. Chelsea have bounced back well after their defeat against Liverpool and Arsenal. They are out of EFL Cup also, it makes them more competitive in Premier League with sole focus on England’s elite trophy.

Winner Prediction:

It’s not easy to predict the winner after 10 matchdays, and quite difficult to figure out the winner because of the intensity of the competition but Liverpool have an edge over their rivals. Since, Burnley defeat on matchday two Reds are undefeated and they have worked on their attacking prowess. There is no doubt, they are best attacking team in Premier League this season, and their high pressing game have brought success to the team, but their defensive unit hasn’t worked together and that’s their only concern at the moment. Going forward, there will be concern about their squad overall strength in last days of the competition. Liverpool playing XI is making lots of running to play this high intensity pressing game, they have made more runs than the average Premier League players. If their energy will be burnout and they won’t be able to pull the game they have produced so far, their manager Jurgen Klopp will have a concern at the last quarter of the Premier League season.

Top Four :

Premier League top four is not going to change, as far as i can predict. Three of the top four shares same points; 23 points from 10 matches. Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool have same points on the points table, and the way they are going only goal difference can decide who will win the league. Chelsea has also recovered from their early problems of defensive error, and John Terry return has proved their defence is organized. There were never any doubt about their attack because Diego Costa is in the form of his life, and Hazard looked good so far as well. Tottenham Hotspur is the only team who can eclipse Chelsea and join top four, but they still need to play North London derby against Arsenal which will be the deciding factor in their future. Hotspur also need Chelsea and Manchester United test before proving their worth in top four, although they do have overcome City, Liverpool and Leicester City challenge, and they are only undefeated side in Premier League.

Finisher in top half :

Top four finish seems to be reserved for Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea. But, it’s very likely Hotspur will finish at fifth, Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United will have to settle with sixth and Leicester City will end up with seventh. Southampton who have done better in recent years, will drop back to eight. Everton is a top eight finisher, but this time they will have to happy with 9th and Stoke City will be the surprise element to drop in top 10, currently sitting at 16th.

Relegation teams :

I don’t see a change in relegation teams, who are currently in that position. Sunderland, Swansea and Hull City are the team whose figures didn’t even go in double figures on the point tables. Sunderland have only two points from 10 matches, it’s very difficult for them to avoid relegation even though there is still 28 matches to go. Swansea is not the team who should be sitting in relegation zone, but they haven’t done justice with their potential, and when things are not going well, it’s difficult to come out from that kind of situation.

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